Snorkel Tours

Makana O Kauai means, “The Gift of Kauai”. The beautiful shallow coral reefs surrounding our islands are home to 25% of all of Hawaii’s marine life. These coral reefs are the foundation species for the entire marine ecosystem and are truly a gift that we rely upon for enjoyment and life here in Hawaii.

Your Snorkel Instructor is a PADI Certified Instructor and has been diving in Hawaii for over 16 years. They enjoy teaching you how to snorkel and making sure you are comfortable and having fun. All of our Instructors have Marine Science backgrounds and extensive knowledge of Kauai’s unique underwater ecology. During your friendly and informative briefing they will teach you about some of the amazing marine life you may encounter such as the Giant Green Sea turtles, butterfly fish, dragon eels, frog fish, octopus, nudibranchs and Unicorn fish. Once in the water they will happily introduce you to their coral reef friends and you will be amazed by some of the interesting characters you get to meet.

All Snorkel tours are private guided tours. This allows for more custom tours that can be personalized to your interests and skill levels.

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