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We offer the full line of Tusa, Waterproof and UK equipment.  If there is a product from one of these manufactures you are looking for but can not find it on the website, please call us direct to find out availability and prices. 808-482-0683


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TUSA SAV7- EVO2 Underwater Scooter (DPV)

*Free Shipping to Hawaii, Canada, and Continental U.S.

For underwater explorers, the most reliable diver propulsion vehicle just got better with the next generation TUSA SAV-7 EVO2. This new underwater vehicle features an innovative and patented Hands-Free Riding Saddle, quick and smooth-responding Variable Speed Control, and a high performance and long-lasting Lithium-Ion Battery with an L.E.D Battery Life Indicator.  

  • Usage of 120 minutes (Lithium-Ion battery) 

  • Active range of 5.9 miles / 9,400 m

  • Maximum speed of 2.8 mph/4.5 Km/h

    • Saddle equipped for hands-free operation 

    • Neutrally buoyant 

    • Depth rated to 230 ft / 70 m 

    • Includes Lithium-Ion battery and charger

$3,999.00  $3,799.95