All equipment required to Scuba dive is provided. This includes high quality masks, fins, dive boots, wetsuits, BCDs, regulators, gauges, weights and tanks. Upon making your reservation we will ask for your height, weight and shoe size. Please provide fairly good estimates as this helps us bring the proper sized wetsuit and other scuba gear for you.

Regulators: Ask any diver what the most important feature of a regulator is and they will tell you, “How easy it is to breathe from.” When it is easy to breath from your regulator it makes the entire dive more fun and enjoyable. We have the top of the line balanced regulators which breathe very easy to help you relax and enjoy the dive more.

BCD (Buoyancy Control Device): We have the top of the line BCD’s which are fully adjustable to custom size so it fits comfortably and secure. Our BCD’s are also weight integrated which means we can put the extra weight required to dive in the BCD so you do not have to wear an uncomfortable weight belt.

Westsuits: Top of the line wetsuits are provided to keep you comfortable and protect you from cuts and scratches during the dive.

Towels: Towels are provided for you to use at the dive site so you don’t have to bring back wet towels in your car after the dive.

Snacks: Plenty of healthy snacks and fresh fruit are provided. We will also have not so healthy, but tasty, snacks available.  Juice and water will also be provided.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is available if you need some.  We recommend Marine Friendly sunscreen to prevent harmful chemicals from stressing the coral reefs.  We will have Marine Friendly sunscreen available for you.

ID Books: While we know most of the marine organisms we will see, we don’t know them all. We are continuously learning about new fish, invertebrates, corals, etc. all the time. Because of this we bring our illustrated ID books to every dive so we can look up the organisms together and learn their name and more about them.

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What to Wear & Bring

Wear your swimsuit under your clothes.
 While all the scuba gear required to dive is provided, you are welcome to bring any of your own scuba equipment.
 One suggested piece of equipment for you to bring would be your own mask that you have used and like. We do provide top of the line masks which fit most faces, however not every mask fits everyone’s face perfectly, so if you have your own favorite mask it is a good idea to bring it.
 To avoid leaking masks it is best for men to be clean shaven.  Men with mustaches can still dive, however unless you have experience diving with a mustache you will most likely have a flooded mask during the dive.
Bring a light jacket, such as a windbreaker or hooded jacket, just in case we get a light shower.
If you are a certified diver bring your Scuba Certification Card.  If you lost or forgot your Cert card let us know so we can look it up online prior to the dive.
If you have long hair it is best to tie it back with hair bands.
If you are doing a Discover Dive (aka you are not a certified diver), make sure you have reviewed the medical questions and can answer “No” to all the questions.  If there is a “Yes” on any of the medical question this does not mean you can not dive, just that before you dive you must get a doctor’s note stating clearly that you are okay to dive with this medical condition.  You must review the medical questionnaire prior to reserving your tour.  If you have a “Yes” on any of the questions please let us know and we will send you a copy of the medical release form your doctor must sign to clear you for diving.